Gift Subscription Set-Up

XkyFire Trekker Gift Subscriptions

Give the gift of Lightning Safety to someone you care about!

The XkyFire Lightning Detection and Alerting Service continuously monitors for dangerous lightning activity and sends subscribers alerts and warnings when dangerous lightning is occurring nearby.

To set-up an account for someone you know, follow the Gift Subscription steps below. This is ideal for anyone that works or plays outdoors. E.g. Backyard pool? Road worker? Sport climber? Lumber yard employee? A lot of people work and play outdoors every day. Let’s take care of them together.

Setting up an account for someone is easy; Just four simple steps.

click the Continue button to go on to the Alert-Site Creation page.

  1. Create an account for them.
  2. Enter their location.
  3. Accept the Service Agreement.
  4. Enter payment information (Credit or debit)

This will take about ten minutes to complete, and the service will be fully functional at the end of this process. They will receive an email notification you have created an account for them, and they will begin receiving alerts on their cellular phone immediately. You will receive a confirmation and the receipt for services.

Please complete the following to Set-Up a Gift Subscription for someone else.

Gift Buyer Details

Gift Subscription Recipient